Natural Dog and Cat Food Recommendations

The pet foods listed below have no by-products in them, no rendered (cremated) animals, no antibiotics and no hormones added. Listed below are places to purchase them. There are no regulations on what the pet food companies can put in our pet’s food. The following list of companies keeps their products natural.

I would ease your pets onto these foods as some will like them immediately and some will resist (kind of like going from McDonald’s to eating a healthy sandwich -there may be issues at first). I would start out ¾ or your former food and ¼ of the new for about a week; then ½ and ½ for the next week; ¾ of the new for the 3rd week until you are all on natural foods. It is not unusual to see a healthier pet in a variety of ways.

1. I and Love and You-all natural

Windmill FarmsWellness.

Trader Joe’s – They have their own line of cat food- canned tuna & a few other flavors for cats. Not a good idea to give your cats more than a tsp. a week of tunafish that we eat..

1. Natural Balance-Dick Van Patten’s line-both moist and dry for cats and dogs. There are a few different dry flavors and numerous moist flavors to choose from. If I purchase a few flavors and my cats stick up their nose, I return the unopened ones and exchange them. My cats love this. I mix this dry with Promise.
2. Organix-pricey but healthy.
3. Halo/Spot’s Stew-dry; they make an excellent ‘sensitive stomach’ dry food.
4. Halo/Spots’ Stew moist-cats love it but it may give some the runs.
5. Wellness-small and large cans- pricey but healthy.
6. Blue Spa Select-variety of flavors.
7. I and Love and You
8. Merrick and  Weruva

Read the ingredients on all the pet food you purchase and stay away from anything with by-products in it. I know all cats love Fancy Feast-my cats get it occasionally-on weekends. You will notice a difference in your pet’s coats, their digestion and health.

Also, please buy and read: Food Pets Die For and Protect Your Pets by Ann N. Martin
Ann Martin, author/researcher, is an amazing crusader for animal pet food. Ms. Martin researched the pet food companies for over 15 years and her findings will shock you and turn your stomach. After doing my own homework and interviewing a 30 year veteran veterinarian here in San Diego who confirmed how illness/tumors/cancer are related to what we are feeding our pets-please listen to what Ms. Martin has to say to keep your pets at their healthiest. When you are through reading it, please pass this book on to all your pet loving friends.


For nearly 10 months in 2002 and early 2003, a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory and discovered a dark and sordid secret beneath the wholesome image of the dog- and cat-food manufacturer: dogs gone crazy from intense confinement to barren steel cages and cement cells, dogs left piled on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs; dogs surgically debarked; horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no veterinary care.

Iams allegedly lied  to PETA with promises to improve the conditions for animals in its contract laboratories, even assuring us that enrichment programs were already in place, but our undercover investigator saw otherwise. She fought for six months to have a single cheap, rubber toy placed in each cold, lonely kennel. This is Iams’ idea of enrichment.

Our video footage shows Iams representatives touring the facility and witnessing dogs’ endless circling in barren cells, sweltering in the summer heat. Iams knew the truth yet did nothing to protect the animals.

The dogs and cats in Iams’ tests are no different from our dogs and cats at home when it comes to deserving companionship, play, a stimulating environment, and the right not to be tormented in painful experiments.

Luckily, caring consumers know that advances in nutrition don’t have to come at the expense of animals in labs. Help PETA force Iams to end these painful and unnecessary tests, as many compassionate companies have already done.


Support Brands That Do Not Test on Animals

After uncovering extensive abuse of animals at a testing laboratory for dog and cat food maker Iams, PETA contacted hundreds of companion-animal food companies to ask if they conduct laboratory tests on animals. None of these tests is necessary or required by law, and humane alternatives do exist. Non-invasive, nonlethal, and cage-free “in-home” testing is conducted by PetSci, and collaborative veterinary clinic studies allow sick animals who are volunteered by their guardians to participate in humane feeding trials that can determine the beneficial effects of nutrition on a specific illness.

The following companies have assured PETA in writing that they do not test on animals in laboratories. Companies that are not on this list either responded to let us know that theydo conduct laboratory experiments on animals or failed to respond to our numerous inquiries and are assumed to conduct laboratory experiments on animals.

[Important Note: If you have been feeding your companion animals commercial pet foods, you may be jeopardizing their health. Supermarket pet foods are often composed of ground-up parts of animals deemed by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors unfit for human consumption. The flesh of animals who fall into one of the categories of the four D’s—dead, dying, diseased, or disabled—is what often goes into pet food. Many of these animals have died of infections and other diseases. In all but a few states, it is legal to remove unusable parts from chickens and sell them to pet food manufacturers. Most pet foods contain the same hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in commercial meat products for humans. If you are concerned about your companion animals’ health and about the cruelty of the meat industry, now is the time to stop buying meat-based commercial pet food. Learn more about healthy vegetarian dog and cat food options.] (Click here for the U.K. version of this list.)

Active Life Pet Products

Amoré Pet Services, Inc.

Animal Food Services

Artemis Pet Food

Azmira Holistic Animal Care

Boston Baked Bonz (entirely vegan)

Bravo Raw Diet

Burns Pet Health, Inc.


Canusa International

CountryPet Pet Food

Dr. Harvey’s

Dry Fork Milling Co.

Dynamite Marketing, Inc.

Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc.

Evolution Diet, Inc. (entirely vegan)

Feline’s Pride

Good Dog Foods, Inc.


Halo, Purely for Pets

Happy Dog Food

Harbingers of a New Age (entirely vegan)

Holistic Blend

The Honest Kitchen

Know Better Dog Food

KosherPets, Inc.

Kumpi Pet Foods

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. (has vegan options)

Natural Life Pet Products, Inc. (has vegan options)

Nature’s Variety

Newman’s Own Organics

Oma’s Pride

Onesta Organics, Inc. (entirely vegan)

Pet Chef Express

PetGuard (has vegan options)

Pied Piper Pet & Wildlife

PoshNosh Inc.
1-866-893-4006 (Outside Ottawa-Outaouais)

Raw Advantage, Inc.

Sauder Feeds, Inc.

Stella & Chewy’s LLC

Timberwolf Organics, Inc.

V-dogfood LLC (entirely vegan)

Veterinary Nutritional Formula


Wow-Bow Distributors Ltd. (has vegan options)

Wysong Canada

Wysong Professional Diets (has vegan options)