IC Workshops Pet-Sitting Bus. Only (Currently/on hiatus)

Pet-Sitting Business Owners:

Cheryl Dagostaro, owner of Pet-tenders in San Diego since July 1983, was involved in an audit with the State of California from 1998-11/2001 regarding the Independent Contractor issue vs. Employees.

The decision of the state of California, due to this case, was a complex one as the state had never been challenged before with the pet-sitting industry and certainly not with someone who had done her homework.

To her knowledge, Cheryl is the only pet-sitting business owner in the United States that has been audited, under this category, and under the specific law the state has decided that pet-sitters belong. She was able to keep the Independent Contractor status that she started with 40 years ago.

Due to the overwhelming response we usually receive, select parties will be notified when the next workshop will be held. The workshop covers many topics including:

– How the State picks you for an Audit
– How Pet-Tenders got audited – 99% of audit leads to the state of California are from former disgruntled Independent contractors or employees. See the handwritten documents from a former contractor who worked with Pet-tenders for over 3 years. (Note: she waited 3 years and then contacted the state to turn Pet-tenders in for an audit. One of many things you will be shown during this very informative and educational workshop).
– The Audit Process Itself
– How To Refine/Setup Your Business to Meet the State Requirements
– The Independent Contractor Agreement itself and much, much more.

Space is limited for more individual attention and select participants only are invited. Consulting for this particular issue is offered only after a workshop is taken-due to the large amount of material covered.

If you are interested in taking this workshop in the future, please email us your mailing address/phone number and desired month and day. You will also be sent information on other available legal documents that may be of interest to you.

a. Trade Secret Agreement– worried that your pet-sitters will solicit your clients?
b. Pet-tenders Service Agreement with clients-a contract that has been revised to suit clients and their pets in this industry -by far the most thorough contract the pet-sitting industry has.

All documents purchased, and the above workshop, do require a signed disclaimer from each attendee.

You will be given enough notice when the next all-day workshop will be. Please note your preference in a midweek or weekend class for the future.

The workshop, at this time, is only offered to California residents and is NOT available to pet-sitting professionals who are currently using employees.

Detailed information on the workshop such as:

  • A rough outline of what will be covered. Questions and answers will be at certain intervals.
  • Location of workshop and directions, payment confirmation and where to stay in the San Diego area will be mailed in the packet.
  • Curriculum Vitae of Cheryl Dagostaro (which can also be viewed at: www.pet-tenders.com), the owner of Pet-tenders.
  • An order form, plus disclaimers, if you wish to order any of our other legal documents (Trade Secret Agreement-discourages your pet and housesitters from stealing/soliciting your client base – $250.00. A must in this industry; Petsitting Service Agreement – $250.00 — #95 questions for the clients to answer and TERMS for each party to adhere to. The most thorough document on the market).

Select applicants only will be invited. No recording devices of any kind will be allowed.

Approximate Time: 9:00am-5:30ish
Place: To Be Determined.
Cost: $325.00 per person. (If there is a business partner attending, there will be a $75. deduction for the second attendee from the same business. Identification will be required.)
Payment accepted: Money orders or cashier checks only.
Refunds: 100% refunded with 30 days notice from the date of the workshop; 50% refunded with 2 weeks notice from the date of the workshop. No refunds or credits are given with a cancellation notice of less than 14 days for the workshop or for any documents purchased.

If you plan on having Independent Contractors now or in the future, this workshop is a necessity. If you are 100% convinced you would win an audit with the state of California or Arizona, please do not take this workshop. If you currently have employees, you are not eligible to attend this workshop. (It is our educated opinion that the state of CA. would immediately rule against you if you changed to IC’s.)

Thank you for your continued interest!

P.O. Box 23622
San Diego, CA 92193